“Governance and Service on Demand” is one of the key vision areas under the Digital India programme. Taking inspiration from this vision, we intend to create a universal platform for promoters to integrate with various departments and jurisdictions namely:

  1. RERA Authorities
  2. Approval Authorities (e.g. Municipal Corporation, Pollution Control Board etc.)
  3. GSTN
  4. Income Tax Department
  5. PF & ESI

Income Tax Department already has provision for e-return intermediary. GSTN is also planning for similar provision. Some Approval Authorities have their online interface while some do not; but none of them are integrated with an external system. PF & ESI have their online interface but do not have any intermediary for e-filing and return. RERA is new and yet to establish its practices.

All these departments and jurisdictions have an online interface or will have one in future. By sharing access rights (API’s), a universal platform can be designed to digitally empower promoter by bringing transparency in governance.

Bhoomi360 also aims to digitally empower the Buyers by giving them an online platform to connect with Promoters, Dispute Resolution Intermediary and RERA Authority. Our mission is to develop a platform where every property owner will digitize their property records and manage their property.

Our journey is going to be long but exciting. We hopethat the entire real estate fraternity and all concerned departments & jurisdictionswill support our initiative and help us contribute in our way to the Digital India Vision.