• Project>Block> Floor> Unit> Car Parking
  • Encumbrance, Litigation, Professional Consultant Disclosures
  • Approvals Management
  • Document Management
  • Develop Relationship
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Organize Site Visits, Meeting, Task & Follow-up
  • Revenue Classification
  • Tax Compliance
  • Payment Terms integration with Project Milestone
  • 1 Click Demand Notice
  • Interest Calculation
  • SMS Alerts
  • Monitor Outsourced Sales
  • RERA Compliance
  • Commission Management
  • Maintain Communication Record from First to Last
  • Increase Transparency & Professionalism
  • Cloud Telephony Integration
    • Never Miss a Call
    • Access All Calls Recording
    • Train Sales Team
  • SMS & System Alerts
  • Innovative Tool to track Life Cycle Status
  • Buyer Documentation
  • Track Loan Status & Customization Request
  • Agreement & Conveyance Deed Automatization
  • Track Service Request
  • Request Escalation
  • Project Registration
  • Escrow Account
  • Project Scheduling & Gantt Chart with Photographs
  • Time Extension Application
  • Quarterly Return Submission
  • Complaint Management
  • Appeal Management
  • Penalty Disclosure
  • Manage Allottee's Approval under various Sections of the Act


  • PAN based Cloud Login
  • Documents on Cloud
  • Booking & Payment Details
  • Project Schedule & Gantt Chart with Photographs
  • Transparent Platform
  • After Sales Service
  • Customization Request
  • File Complaint with Promoter Assciation/ Dispute Resolution Intermediary
  • File Complaint with Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • File Appeal With Appellate Authority



Bhoomi360 Pro

Platform Pricing


Rs.999 per month/per project

User Registration

Legal Profile

Organize Documents

Create Executives

Project Registration & Management

Organize Documents

Disclose Litigation

Disclose Encumbrance

Disclose Professional Consultants

Approvals Management

Project Structuring(Block, Floor, Unit & Car Parking

Booking & Payment

Buyer Life-Cycle & Document Management

Service Management

Buyer Management

Lead Management

Buyer Profiling

Communication Management

Activity (Site Visit, Meeting, Follow Up, Task) Management

Marketing Campaign Management

Advance Buyer Life-Cycle & Document Management

Customization Request

RERA Compliance

Project Registration*

Escrow Account

Project Scheduling & Gantt Chart

Time Extension Application

Quarterly Return Submission*

Complain Management

Appeal Mangement

Penalty Disclosure

Manage Allotee's Approval

ADD On Service (on request)

Service Support (E-mail & System)



1 Project Setup & 6 Months Premium Service Support

21000-One Time

21000-One Time

Premium Service Support

25000 per year

25000 per year

Project Setup

11000 per Project

11000 per Project

Cloud Telephony


Usage Fees-on Actuals; Integration Charges-1000 Per month

SMS Service

On Actuals

On Actuals

*If Appropriate Real Estate Regulatory Authority shall permit and share their API's